Mojo memory

Like muscle memory, our mojo could come back if we know how to flex it. Self-reinvention. Press reset.

Peak again. Brace for it.

Noose’s head. Winning.

It’s hard work and threatening to ride the wave once again.

Many would rather take the path of least resistance. Play it safe.

But the world is crying out for leadership. True North.

You don’t manage people. You lead them.

You manage time and money. But people are multidimensional.

How can you apply a cookie approach to a bunch of unique people?

By being one. An authentic one that is.

The end of all learning is to know yourself, your style and your SWOT.

Build a team to complement one another.

Get the mojo back.


We are way pass talking.

Just do it.

Inertia has killed all of us. Death is in no special hurry.

We will end up doing ourselves in.

Except for those who saw this coming (Steve Jobs was one).

Clapton saw his child fall to his death (Tears in Heaven).

Now he got a million-dollar car.

Wonderful tonight.

Mojo back.

Remember your glory?

Blood, sweat and tears?

Been there done that?

How about now?

Can you pull the rabbit out of the hat once again?

The world needs leaders. Authentic ones.

Hard to find. Like quality. You recognize it when you see it.

Like muscle memory, you can feel it when it returns.

Like home sweet home, you can smell mom’s cooking.

The sweet taste of success, of rewards for accomplishment.

But until then, lead on. Start with yourself. Back to basics.

Block and punch. Kick that kick a thousand times.

10,000 hours of mastery.

Leadership is a skill set. But it’s a learned art.

Everybody recognizes a leader. You know the presence, the charisma, the passion, the fire, and the influence. Contagious influence. Let’s connect. Let’s get the mojo back. Wake it up. It will come back on reflex.



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