Top line

Creme de la creme. And so it goes.

Self-actualization (Maslow) meets Application layer (OSI).

Voila! Ipod, Iphone, Ipad and Itv.

The “I” in the Iproducts.

No other word connects more than (I, I, I, I, I).

Genius marketing.

Stay hungry, stay curious.

Marketers are trend spotters. But they need to understand the human animal: survival instincts and herd instincts

(Born this way).

Here in Vietnam, people take huge risk everyday for small reward e.g. not wearing a helmet to get a breeze and a ticket.

Riding, talking, phoning, texting and smoking.

Funny line and broken tale.

Strength in weakness and strength in numbers.

Life in the fast lane and movement in fast pace.

“Do you know where you’re going to”.

Back during the evacuation, I saw a man, broken in spirits, holding a bag full of money which by then devalued. He tossed into the seas piles after piles (as if they were money for the underworld). Money which had imprinted Tran Hung Dao our national hero whose victory was secured by naval tactics.

Dust comes to dust, sea back to sea.

Someday I too will be tossed to the seas (cremation).

But until then, the “I” in me is still embraced and appreciative.

Fake it until you make it.

We human animal, got instincts too.

We know and sense first danger (flight or fight), then love.

Can you feel the love tonight“.

So back to top line, to self-actualization and application layer.

Can you feel it? Invent software. Help us visualize. Help us see the end.

And maybe we will know how to begin.

We’ve only just begun ….so many roads to choose. But when you moved up, those choices are restricted. Top line. Fewer choices. P.S. As of this edit, Yahoo just bought summl whose inventor was barely 18 year-old. Top brass.


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