Jog and blog

The only way to hold a job and still jog and blog is to sacrifice your sleep. You will always find time for things you hold near and dear e.g. texting to ones you care about, reading about Oakland shooting etc….

ROW rest of world could wait. There is only 24 hours in a day.

At this rate (of information explosion), we might need another life.

When fake news are more entertaining than real news, lies more attractive than truth and violence more justified than love, we have a problem. Can’t start all over again, because the world as is, is all that we ‘ve got.

A friend loaned me a copy of past lives and reincarnation.

It documented hypnotic healing sessions conducted in the US by Dr Weiss, himself an agnostic scientist. Catherine, the patient in tow, recalled in full detail her past lives. True or False?

We do seem to feel a special connection with someone, calls it Deja Vu.

Could it be that we had indebted each other in past lives?

How about paying it forward? Will we ever see our ROI?

I just know my experience with earlier and next generation (parents and kids) have been great and rewarding. Nothing has come close to it.

Yes, many ups and downs. Broken pieces and piercing pain. But they count. Making me the man I now am.

Without my parents’ sacrifice, I wouldn’t be here today. Without my kids, I wouldn’t be the one today.

Those who cannot give any more thought they had hit bottom (compassion fatigue). They haven’t understood what giving really is about.

We are nearing the next phase, that of an Empathetic Civilization.

Strangers to strangers, thanks to the internet .

The vices will be followed by the virtues.

I know people are loaning each other money (micro lending) and giving each other money (foundation). One day, it will be direct, without the middle-men.

I need to go jogging now. Enough blogging. Train the muscle and train the mind. Yet the heart of men is unfathomable. Bend it while learning to love and learning to learn.

Trust a little. Then trust a little more. Maybe it (the heart) will get stronger, with muscle memory. The world can use some of that loving.

All you need is love, sing the Beatles. Love heals and succeeds in places we cannot accomplish all by ourselves.


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