What a start!

A close friend just had a baby. That little boy arrived last week. Same hospital where I was born (Tu Du). I joked that he and I came from the same factory.

Innocent, peacefully sleeping in the rocking arms of mother, aunt and grandma.

What a start!

Wonder if all of us got that same start!

Clean slate, white-sheet of paper.

Prologue with no preconception, no prejudice and no pre-occupation.

Just taking in the scene and exercise the senses.

Learning and forgetting, walking and falling.

What is life!

One day, he will discover that people and circumstances won’t allow him to connect the dots that easily even though he could sense it.

Someone aptly said that “evil prospers where good men just stood by”.

I am half-way through Einstein biography. People of his time were confronted with Evil incarnated. He himself ushered in the age of Relativity, even though it got nothing to do with his quantum theory. Just signs of the time.

The absolute mechanistic worldview was upended. No more just pure cause-effect closed continuum. People in motion. German marks devalued to the point of needing a basket-full to buy a loaf of bread.

Zimbabwe of their time.

People whose worldview were challenged and upended could not find rest.

What once was an anchor now turned deadwood, stability stagnation.

What a way to end, from what a way to start.

I want to bless that child, my closest friend’s kid.

I saw myself in him. I knew what has happened to me.

I fear what might happen to him.

He who understands the why, can endure the how.

May his life and destiny turn out better than mine, than his dad’s.

May he find simple joy in enduring friendships.

Happiness is hard to define, but is right under your noses.

If he only looked. If only he found the courage to connect . Evil will not prosper where strong men take a stand and draw a line in the sand.

For centuries, men of the same  clan and township have done this. This little boy might someday be called to defend and give his life for a worthy cause.

What an ending!


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