Get ready

When seeing the opening act of mainly 60’s-looking folks, my young friend was about to dismiss them. I said “Hold it”.

After all, the Rolling Stones still commanded a packed audience.

So give them the benefit of the doubt. Turned out I had been right.

Rare Earth, Cream, CCR and Eagles were all featured in that one hour.

We screamed, we cheered (the drumming part) and we sweated. Get Ready!

I like the youthful energy of a band. They collaborated and contrasted, but all rehearsed.

From this wells up creativity.

We recognize this quality in people and organization: edge and excellence.

Can’t expect great solution if you look for it at the same level where the problems originated (courtesy of Stephen Covey).

Or conversely, can’t expect exceptional performance if you promoted people beyond their level of competency (again, courtesy of Peter Drucker).

We must Get Ready to expect exceptionalism. We must Get Ready to expect miracles.

To change, we must Get Ready to expect disruption and non-normalcy.

To grow, we must Get Ready to abandon old practices and processes.

When the How became the Why, we are doomed!

I learned a lot from teams, from Rock bands and from friendships.

We must Get Ready to be told that we were wrong. And that together, we can do it. Collaboration beats isolation every time. From the start, we learned about the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit and that our birth certificates showed Mother and Father. Mine certainly did. I am a product of collaboration and union. So are you. Get Ready to compete, but then collaborate. Learn from the Eagles, from Cream, from CCR, from Rare Earth.


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