Son Tinh Thuy Tinh

According to Vietnamese legend, the Mountain God showed up early to ask for the Princess’ hand.  The Sea God was half a step late.  Hence, anger turned tsunami, Katrina, Fukushima etc….

Vietnam Central region always stands in the way of major storms.

To endure and overcome natural disasters, people fabricated tales to assuage their own pain.

Kids, show up early. Life consists of 90 per cent perspiration, 10 per cent inspiration.

I have had a chance to be down in Houston right after Katrina. To donate calling cards.

To see and visit serial refugees (North-South Vietnam,  S Vietnam – New Orleans, N Orleans Houston).

Di Ha, as known around town, is the owner of Hong Kong Mall, Vietnamese enclave in Bellaire.

Her mall and food court instantly turned relief and refugee center.

I saw younger faces, Red-Cross types. Activists and community workers.

The future of America is in good hands.

All Son Tinh: showing up early right at the crest of disaster.

I read somewhere that on the Last Day, same bed might see one taken up in the air, while the other left behind.

50-50 odd.

Natural selection.

A set of twin might not even turn out the same.

Something about nature and nurture.

Hard to put a finger on.

I just know I need to try harder: one more push-up, another minute earlier, straighten up that strand of hair.

The moral of the story: early to bed, early to rise. Luckily, the older we get, the less sleep we need.

In today’s 24/7 always-on digital world, we need to be vigilant against insomnia.

(Ariana Huffington of Huffington Post is known as Sleep Evangelist).

Technology itself is a double-edged sword. For good and evil.

I like seeing people’s comments right after an article or an advertisement.

Keep them honest and challenged. Two-way communication. Many to many.

Try smarter and harder.

Be Son Tinh, and not Thuy Tinh.

And be a cheerful loser, if late.

People might come around and give you a second chance.

Thuy Tinh could have reacted nicer, with grace in defeat.

Good for Vietnam Central Region.

Good for humanity, natural or man made, Fukushima  vs Hiroshima.

More on Vietnamese tales and take-aways on our next bed time.


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