Turn, turn

Just as soon as it is unbearably hot, it rains.

The season turns. All we are is Dust in the Wind, sings the Kansas.

But before that, one more stanza.

Take it to the limits.

What are the chances for some friends to turn to the guy sitting next to him at a random cafe, to finally recognize a classmate with 40 years in between.

It happened last weekend.

It comes in full circle.

Loyalty. Same class for four years. 68-72, the height of everything: war, peace, love and music.

Seeing myself in them and vice versa.

Where do you start after such a long gap.

OK, just hop in. I will give you a ride.

Let’s toast to the next 40 years. Oh, no. OK, 20 years.

There you go. A bunch of middle-aged guys.

Without facial recognition technology, I can still see it in their faces.

There was V, now slightly bald.

G still had his hair all combed forward .

And H still with his mischievous smile, except he is now taller.

(we weren’t all fully grown then).

I am reading “Idea Man”, Bill Gates‘ partner, Paul Allen.

They “followed the chips” and coded BASIC.

Now software rules.

40 years. A lot has happened since, and a lot more could happen in the next twenty years (Moore’s Law applied to social sciences).

Yet friendship stood the test of time.

So are some music of that time.

Just as the vinyl albums were about to extinct, we got YouTube to revive them.

Turn, turn, turn.

Summer breeze.

I’d really love to see you tonight.

My friends, my music and memories.

Let the world turn. Just leave me with those essentials.

What is life?

Every generation thinks they had pushed the envelope. Until each of us faces that same dreaded end.

That’s when we really know who we truly are, what we cherish most and who stood by us.

I hope you don’t go through what I have found: time is our greatest test. Turn, turn, turn.

All we are is Dust in the Wind.


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