The resemblance

She offered me water, from her huge one-gallon container. Hip-hop dancer-trainer, you see.

We need water, especially when we dance many sets at a local theme park to entertain and engage visitors.

So, you finished the first of the “girl w/ the dragon tattoo?” … it went. We broke bread and shared snippets of our interrupted lives.

Late Fathers Day installment.

Significant nevertheless.

With A. you don’t need to play “Anka’s Papa” (put those shoes upon my feet).

A earned  her own Sketchers at age of 4, being a child run-way model.

And joined a hip-hop team shortly after that. Now her team won 2nd place in Hip Hop International.

This year’s event will take it to bigger venue in Las Vegas, show of all shows.

I saw the resemblance (hidden, but I know: the ear lopes).

Anyhow, we were together as if never parted.

Can’t rewind or unwind the one-way flow of time.

Can only promise to see more of each other from here on.

She will be majoring in media. I recommended a mix of dancing and directing.

I hope she sees my point. Besides, women are getting behind the cameras to even earn an Oscar at directing (Jodie Foster started the trend).

How to train one’s eyes to see. Tip of the iceberg. I hope she listen. If any resemblance at all, she probably did not, and couldn’t wait to find out on her own. Like mine, my lessons were  hard-earned . I hope for A a life unlike mine i.e. without much interruption and with more people who can help her. She now grows up at the cusp of social media meteoric rise. She pointed to me at Best Buy the differences in latest version of phones.

Good luck A. Let Moore’s Law, Maslow‘s scale and Metcalfe Law work for you. Be in the way of opportunity and forget not to exercise those feet, whose shoes you had earned at an early age.

My girl got no tattoo, no attitude. She could have given the circle she is in.

Proud of A. Appreciative of those vacation dollars spent at the theme park where my daughter works. Every visitor helps. That’s an additional set of eyes watching my daughter’s dance group perform. Want some water?


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