Summer in mind

Coming of age. Summer 42. Sandy beach.

Surf. Dream. Instant memories.

Something humbling about the vast expanse.

Men  and women, hard and soft bodies, clothed and nude.

All have walked those beaches.

All have pondered and projected toward the unknown.

Will i turn out alright!

How much time do I have left to live?

What then should be on the must-do list?

Summer time.

It draws out the soft side of a person.

Past relationships. Faces that we once thought we could never live without.

Then those camping trips. Beach volleyball.

Rarely worn and loosely fit bathing suit.

Those extra pounds from those extra cheese.

Summer time.


New role, new relationship.

Students upon graduation now return home.

Might as well sleep on the beach, surfing the wave during the day, and surfing the net at night.

Japan-style “no sun” generation. They came of age during the Recession there, and rose with the Digital era.

Something to learn from.

Nothing is new under the Sun.

Just new actors for the same script.

So it’s Summer time.

When we appreciate its breeze.

and record its memories.

Hope yours are as warm as mine.

Summer in itself can do no wrong.

1942 forever, even if the calendar says its 2012.


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