People-people problems

Technical issues can be dealt with, even if we have to farm it out.

People problems, especially when it’s personal, and potentially embarrassing, tend to linger on, and if unresolved and cancerous.

We simply wish they go away.

And they will. When the people died.

Those of us who stand one foot in tech and the other in marketing must understand where our customers are, before we can sell them. Consumer savvy and marketer savoir faire.

When relationships are going well, nothing come close.

We sleep better, eat better and drink more.

Joie de vivre.

It keeps going and going.

We need to work with and through people to achieve great things.

We need people to use our services and products.

And we need people to share our time and lives with .

Unless you want to read the whole library, alone,  the rest of your life.

People who need people.

People who are hurt by people.

And people who think they can do without people.

Learn the basics: their needs and wants, their psychological make-ups,

and even learn through mistakes: what makes them tick.

The thing about people is that they know when we are sincere and trying.

And chances are, because none of us are angels, we will soon forgive the person who pissed us off, since we ourselves are none the better.

I hope things work out for you this day, as mine did.

I could sleep through the night just because people-people problem went away.

Again, we smile at people. Curse them not. Because positivity begets more of the same. Keep your relationship currency balance. And free your emotional reserve to collaborate and to achieve greatness.


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