Inter-group problems

At work or in life, people are bunched together “us vs them”.

No way around this. Shared values and “group DNA“.

I am glad to see titles like Chief Cultural Officer. It’s about time we see how group think, group problems and group competition affect the bottom line.

As we move away from the Command-Control management style, which demands total conformity and compliance; we inevitably get closer to the chaos spectrum, where groups or cliques thrive.

Great leaders know how to balance these constituencies or stakeholders.

Get the buy-ins, ask for their opinions and contributions.  Make them think success is the result of their efforts, and even better, their joint efforts.

Nothing works better than healthy competition. Brings out optimal performance.

Parents like to play one child against  the other. Teachers learn that each child has a different learning style.

They should model after Personal Trainer, because each person progresses at various pace.

Back to groups at work. First, create a common vision and language.

Then obtain agreement on what are the metrics for success.

And of course, go out and win together.

When you have inter-group conflict, you know the engine is working.

Got to have friction.

Got to move ahead.

And soon enough, comes time for reward and ….yes, envy.

We are human still.


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