We got to stay somewhere in the healthy middle.

Infrastructure building, social safety net and cyber security, cannot be achieved without collaboration and commitment. Far out in the ultra left , we got sustainability and science (to far-out galaxy).

Can’t go alone. Not far.

So celebrate Independence Day, or more rightly, Co-Dependence Day.

Leading causes of death used to be influenza, diarrhea etc.. Now, it’s cardio vascular and cancer.

All thanks to world scientists and drug manufacturers who made vaccine available.

The Gates Foundation is active on this front. Three cheers to the Billionaire.

Occasional pops of firecrackers are nothing compared to Regional Fireworks show tonight.

Another example of collaboration, of group over the individuals.

Yet, individuals often times go alone, in the garage or the lab, to face “dark night of the soul“, to return to the source, to figure it all out, to discover and connect the dots (Steve Johnson noticed that inventions often clustered around a certain period in history if we zoomed out).

Insight came to an individual, but needs validation and verification.

That’s where science needs to co-discovered in a Body or Community..

The pull of the 60’s was a collective one, albeit its central message was individualism. Now, we got TED talk, the ultimate digital “commune”, of crowd-sourcing.

It’s ironic to have a bunch of old hippies in need of health care and hospices.

Individualism or collectivism?


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