Trust as currency

I have had great team experience.

Been looking for an encore.

When team works out, we can skip the prelim and go straight to solving problems.

It saves a lot of time. Besides, trust binds us together.

Online, it’s hard to know who is who.

Hence, trust online comes at piecemeal.

Tit for tat.

Amazon has earned our trust (click here and the books get delivered ).

Or, as kids, we know we will get picked up after school. So we learn about trust.

Lovers expect Valentine cards. Trust.

Government deducted our paycheck. Hope they pay out when we are old.

Trust (hopefully they don’t keep moving retirement age).

Without hope and trust, we would go array.

Can’t function. We need that certain amount of predictability to operate.

Expect the best, plan for the worst.

The best compliment one can get is “he/she can be trusted”.

Past behavior and consistent nature tend to increase trust.

Knowledge of each other and yes, a few fights in between, also deepens trust.

Conversely, trust issues are up there in company’s priorities (escorting a sacked employee to the door).

Been there, done that.

Somehow we need to build trust into organizational culture (cash donation for self-served lunches. Not only it saves company’s time – but also can serve as an exercise in trust. Conversely, the fridge at work is the worst place when no one is in charge).

Transparency, constant updates, keeping people in the loop, on the same page etc… all build trust.

Leadership skills. Communication skills. Group huddle. He who trusts others will receive it in turn. Trust as currency. And this currency tends to multiply.

The trust virtuous cycle. Keep investing in it.


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