Friday before Friday the 13th

A Vietnamese film producer is working on his version of The Ruin and Blair Witch project etc…

One idea sparks another. Localization, customization, contextualization.

Photo-sharing. Moment sharing. Life sharing.

What’s relevant, resonating and regretful if we missed out.

Deep down inside, what’s our core values. What’s all the hustling and bustling  about?

Some faceless stakeholder’s values? or ours?

I understand the necessity of parsing, of Taylorism (stripping down work into its interchangeable components – away from human interaction) to achieve healthier bottom line.

But….when the US suffers from its eroded manufacturing base, people revolt. Rightly.

Chinese worker’s rights vs US’.

Can’t keep shopping if we don’t have work.

My daughter was in retail for a while. But she decided to switch jobs. Can’t push people into buying stuff they don’t need, she said.

Oh well. Find something your heart is in. Pursue it relentlessly. The world of work is changing. Even Friday 13th now struggles to find an audience. Can’t have a cult follow when everyone is watching it at home. No more darkened theaters and the anticipation of collective fear. Not when fear and uncertainty take place in plain day light. It’s called unemployment, for actors and audience alike.


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