Start from the start

Science has just made a great leap.

Congratulations. They have discovered the equivalent of DNA of the universe. Named it Higgs, after the scientist.

This lifts the burden off our shoulders: we are not faceless random masses.

If there are DNA’s, there are designs and destination (you might not like it if it’s not to your preferences).

But at least, not random. There is trajectory of time, of predictability and hopefully, rationality.

Things make sense.

Causes and consequences albeit with doubt in between (why Evil seems to have its field day, for instance).

Then, unintended consequences: divorce fall-out, disruption of technology ….

Kids suffer.

Vicious cycle . In Vietnam, the saying goes “cha an man, con khat nuoc” (the Dad sowed, but the children reap).

Before this discovery, we all intuitively sensed that there were order in the universe. Just couldn’t prove it.

But we hum along when hearing “Rhythm of the rain.”

Even the heat waves.

Then the cycle of war (Disputes in the China Sea… rumbles in the MidEast)

There are seasons in the sun. Time to fight, time to make peace.

Underneath it all, lies the DNA, and the Higgs.

Fundamental of fundamentals.

Healing and destruction.

And someday, completion, at least, for us, one by one.

At some point, each of us must stop and ponder: what is life.

Multiple flavors. Wrapped up in one package from the start: our moment of birth. No expectation, no preconception, no reflection. All future. Good start  right from the start.


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