Hello Darkness

my ole friend, I come to talk with you again.

We all know the tune. That which resonates and recalls of years past.

The familiarity against the unknown.

Familiar darkness, receding into that comfort zone, the cocoon.

Farthest corner would be that mother’s womb: where it all began.

Rocking motion, complete safety and insulation.

That’s what etched in our earliest memories: maternal voice and the rocking movement.

Even those earlier tastes.

Some prefered eating chilis.

Others thought highly of themselves, too highly. The chosen and the others.

All got that same start, from the dark chamber. Hello Darkness my ole friend.

When vacationing, people choose the beach, to experience the ocean.

To swim, to rock back and forth, to float and feel pampered. Feel enveloped and gloved.

A brand in California put it aptly: Body Glove (for swimwear).

Even people who live in the Mountain like to wear something from California. Reminds them of sandy beach, of eternal youth and innocence.

Yet after sunset, the beach says Hello Darkness.

Water everywhere, in and outside of us.

When too much, it’s called flood. When too fast, it’s called tsunami.

In New Orleans, Bali and Fukushima.

How can we not be flexible.

Maybe Bruce Lee was onto something: Be like water, shaped according to its container.

Flexibility and fluidity.

To survive the times, one needs to tap into this hidden corner, where darkness and water lie. Like it was when we first began and believed. P.S. As of this edit, Sound of Silence was to be preserved as one of the most important American pieces.


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