Adjusted expectations

You learn lessons in Marketing when you are in Las Vegas (besides lessons on greed). Mirage was opened to big fanfare back in the early 90’s: volcano and the white Tiger. Now, its low cave-like ceilings, tight hallways (perhaps for planned claustrophobia) and dark interior did not pass muster in an era of high-ceiling, green retrofit hotels like Aria, Cosmopolitan and PH.

Welcome to a new era where even Facebook earning was kind of upsetting (remember 2005 when we had no choice but My Space).

Now, the HVAC machines are humming in the desert (casino) and up in server farms (ICloud). Our new age of Logistic and outsourcing. In short, consumer expectations are following Moore’s Law  to the cloud and cosmos (space tourism). Nowadays, it takes half the time in between I phone versions. Since softwares will eat your lunch, it makes sense for companies not to double down on bricks and mortar. Years ago, we were marveled at the New Year Eve implosion of Sand. Now, it’s normal practice, not only in Vegas, but also elsewhere (at least one in Palm Beach). Apparently, what happened there doesn’t stay there.

So, back to our ever rising expectations (cable TV antenna now are much smaller, and not taking up half of the roof). Speed, agility and adaptability are the new norms, soon to be spilled over from tech world to non-profit world. We will expect .org people to perform at the speed of people. Or else! Something about the human brain that can connect billions of dots.

Just build, they will come. Even the middle of the desert. Or up in the Cloud and tourism in space. It’s logical and foreseeable, given our ever adjusted expectations and tech trajectory.


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