Empathize and Energize

You wish your co-workers are all into that. They know how you feel, and because of who they are, they take it up a notch.

The virtuous cycle. Feeding into it is like fueling the fire. Passion, dedication and yes, winning.

Don’t you miss working in teams with those qualities? Pettiness has no place there. Grumpiness? Out.

Just win.

Know how you feel. I felt the same way. But I found that…. FFF.

One cannot just go out to Costco or Target and get a software package that says “Empathy” or “Energy”.

BTW, the Cosco‘s of the world are expanding, pushing Mom and Pop stores to the outskirts.

Meanwhile, fresh produce and Supermarket chains just can’t justify open more location in inner cities where kids have no choice but fast foods. I know the First Lady got her pulse on this issue (as opposed to Jackie O and Nancy Reagan who just wanted to remodel the White House or consult an astrologer).

Back to Empathy and Energy.

Energy is contagious. At the Olympic, they still do the Wave. You get caught in the spirit of the time and the place.

Just a sea of humanity, cheering and jeering.

You want to be energized? Hang out with high-energy people. The paradox of energy is that it needs to be burned to reproduce (just like the Phoenix rises from the ashes).

Empathy, on the other hand, requires immersion. You step into the other’s person shoes and character. Feel the emotion: sadness, joy, triumph, and disappointment.

Who wouldn’t go through those ups and downs at times.

Companies don’t realize people are people i.e. there are days, they feel elated. Then, other days, they can barely show up. The leader’s job is to be cheerleader, counselor, coach and not police.

Let’s hope your team support each other as you lead them to victory. Nothing is sweeter than to win as a team. Bravo!


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