the Invisibles

They are out there, sleeping in street corners, behind dumpsters, in the park and parking lot.

They move about collecting bottles and cans, junk and juice.

We have trained our eyes to tune them out, to ignore their pleas and pitches.

We certainly don’t read their signs. We already knew, since it’s written on cardboard and held up at street corners.

More people are invisible nowadays.

They don’t vote, nor do they write to their Congressional Representatives.

Whatever funding earmarked for Social Assistance, perhaps never got to them.

Another group of invisibles  but someday, they will be here: future generation.

Inheriting and becoming “salt of the Earth“.

They will drive Electric Vehicles, pick up the bottles and cans after themselves and even plant some organic vegetables.

Last type of invisibles are unseen trends but will be here: mobile payment, paperless society, central ID, Medical ID etc…

We know they are coming. We just resist the technology with policy.

Blocking natural science with political science.

But they will be here, in your children’s face.

Whether you like it or not.

The environment will need to sustain this Earth.

The product we use will need to be recycled.

And the weak among us will need to be tended to and be made productive again.

Can’t legislate away people, who elected you. Can’t ignore them. Can’t tune them out. It’s not kind and it’s not wise.

The invisibles will soon be the majority, if neglected long enough. Wise leaders are those who can see a little bit further into the future, and shed some lights on the gravest of matter. That’s why they are elected to represent us. Now, do your job.


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