Social boosters

We stand on the shoulders of giants: wheel, movable types, steam engines, electricity and the internet.

Now Iphone 5.

Larger screen, one extra row of icons, aerial and panoramic view.

Information on the go.

I can rattle on.

We are at a point when our ways (technology) are growing faster than our use (apps).

Because of the Iphone 5  panoramic view, am I to travel to the Grand Canyon to take advantage of this new feature?

With Google Earth, do I keep looking at my ex’s house from out-of-state?

After a few trials, we will get bored and move pass new-toy stage.  Not that I am ungrateful.

I do, however, appreciate all the help I have got, as once said, “it took a village”.

My Acknowledgement page should be exhaustive: from parents to people I don’t get to see any more. But also the coffee vendor whose son I befriended during my last months in Vietnam.

People who day in and day out got up early, and get the coffee  hot and ready.

Social boosters.

I appreciate the invisible bakers and dishwashers. People who are portrayed in “Nickel and Dime”.

Soon, we will have fewer of those: milkman and mailman, paper boy and cable guy.

All the jobs seem to have been shipped somewhere else. End of  men.

The US retains high-touch high-value jobs while off-shoring its manufacturing base  (thus rendered irrelevant many civil-rights accomplishments such as EOE).

Latest indicators show Switzerland and Singapore in the top-tier, while the US and Japan trailing in  World Economy (competitiveness).

Still I miss and am grateful for social support, social interaction and yes, occasional social friction.

Now, we order things online, self-serve at the pump, mix our own soda drinks or ice cream flavors and even design our own T-shirts. We have morphed from being a Con-sumer to being a Pro-sumer (even the IT admin will soon be packing because of the iCloud, gas-station attendants because of the EV charging stations or cash-only kiosks. JetBlue, SouthWest both let passengers book their flights and self-checkin).

I  miss those social boosters. Where would I be today without them.

We stand on shoulders of giants, inventors of the past, but also on “nickel and dime” folks. Soon, we will have to say thanks to the machine, which seems to have beaten us to the punch.


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