We do millions of those calculations a day (the reptilian brain). Threat? Opportunity? Fight and flight.

Yet we also learn to trust, to take risks.

In business or in life.

Situations and circumstances, problems and people (who often times become problems).

Some of us are more reflexive than others.

But at long last, we will have arrived at the same conclusion to validate that initial BLINK (first impressions, first 6-seconds).

Without that instinct for survival, we wouldn’t still be here.

No matter what color we put on outside.

Underneath it all, lays our human nature: ambitious and ambivalent.

We initially employed SWOT and ROI analyses in business.

Then, work doesn’t stop after 5PM. So we start doing that in social and academic context (study for a career that is most promising, she is a good match i.e. suitability measured in socio-economic fit).

So there is no  point in denying it.

Still cavemen-like. Still operating reflexively with the reptilian brain (WIIFM = what’s in it for me).

Keep that in mind. When two or more get together, there will be collision of self-interests.

Group leaders know this and thrive on it. 2+2=5 when it is handled well. It’s called synergy.

Hunt in pack. Celebrate together. Burning men and bushmen. Boardroom or bedroom. We need one another if we were to live a ROI life. It’s worth a try. Despite all the threats. We are still here, together, working for the common goods.


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