On being a conduit

Yesterday, I was at a funeral service . My friend’s Dad passed away.

We are all conduits of common grace.

Paying forward. Hold that door that has just been opened for you.

A guy I know ran into his English teacher at that funeral after 30 years apart

while I guy I met also found me online after 31 years.

Paying forward.

I am just a conduit and a memory keeper.

Learn to recognize the signs, the warnings and the blessings.

People come in all sizes and shapes.

Sometimes, the meanest dude happens to be the nicest dad.

Attending someone else’s funeral reminds me of my Dad’s.

We all remember our Dads as towering figures. Nothing could go wrong with them.

Protectors and providers.

But mine had such a temper.

Yet he was nice and kind to me.

He was a conduit to teach me about right and wrong, about standing up for what you thought was right (against the bully for instance).

The last years of his life, he walked every morning, for miles.

All Dads died, leaving behind worn tennis shoes.

My Dad’s shoes were oversized.  So we gave them away.

I would never have thought I would someday wear sneakers besides when jogging. Until now.

At least, I am back to jogging in the park.

Nice lush green park.

Common grace (green living for the homeless and the homie).

I wonder how many of us wake up in the morning, logging on and being appreciative of broadband availability.

The Maker has been patient. By giving us an extension on life, He inadvertently gets across his point: time (long or short) is in my hand.

So being a conduit of paying forward only counts in my and your lifetime. In God‘s timetable, it’s the same, forward or backward. The act of giving and receiving are pro forma, at man’s level. In bigger picture, time and space, past and future belong to the Higher Up. Thinking of death, of life and being a conduit humbles me. Pass it on. Hold the door.  A smile. Acknowledge a kid. Say “Hi” to passer-by. Surprise them. Be a conduit of common grace. Rain on the field of the good and the evil. Internet for all, dictators and agitators. God’s grace is man’s dilemma.


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