White fence to White House

In-your-face campaign slogans. Last-minute push. Local, State and National level. Voter drive in full drive.

From Alfred Smith (Catholic) to Kennedy (Catholic) onto Romney (Mormon). Religion on the fringe, now got NYT full-page endorsement by Billy Graham.

I thought the Reverend was supposed to play neutral, and be wise-man to Presidents, Red or Blue.

It’s great to see the two sides going at it. There is hope that the best man will emerge.

Once again, the world waits and watches. This every-four-year balloon-filled ballroom celebration called Election Victory (With every successive presidency, things tend to get more lavish and costly, despite the Recession and huge Unemployment figures).

Last time, young voters turned out to assert  “Yes We Can”. This time, Utah is no longer content with staying inside the Tabernacle. They want to move from the White Fence to the White House.

Then the last frontier is for women to occupy it (no punt intended for the use of verb).

We then have to come up with a new term for First Husband.

Sensitive men, supportive men, statesmen.

My grandchildren generation perhaps. Maybe one-two punch: an Asian woman in the White House.

Already held Department of Labor and Energy, Asian American have been on the rise.

I saw various choices for local leadership where I live.

Hispanic women are also on the rise. How about that for demographic shift.

The ping-pong match has been along party line: Kennedy-Nixon, Carter-Reagan,  Gore-Bush.

What has been more subtle is the rise of the rest, right here in America.

First people came, FOB. Then they acculturated i.e. Language, culture, commerce, sports, arts and perhaps, politics.

The idea of Americanism lives on, although its expression changes. More nuances (Iraqi and Syrian refugees).

Yes, people put on T-shirts, even cheering for their alma-matters’ or their kids’ team.

But to harness the drive and ambition, the energy and expectations of millions who left the known for the unknown called America, we need to expound the formula (Bill of Rights) and adapt it to new context and constituency.

Already voting is in multi-lingual.

Already voting is by scanning.

But what about those who don’t show up.


They must have heard about the idea of America, of freedom of expression and election.

Perhaps they are too busy mending the white fence to worry about who is moving in or out of the White House.

Perhaps they need to be taken care of, to be listened to. Perhaps they need to be taken into consideration and counted in as valuable national assets. After all, to raise a child in the US costs about $200,000. How is that for national treasures and future promises that keeps America competitive. You don’t need Kotler of Harvard to tell you we are slipping, and if not corrected, on a downward trajectory. The rise of the rest means people might not decide to come at all. It needs both pull and push factors for one to leave the known for the unknown. Nowadays, the choice is not a clear-cut.

In fact, tourists from Paris and elsewhere were told to leave behind their belonging and make a run from Sandy, the storm.

That storm swept through both the White House and any white fence on its path. Glad it’s only a few days to drop the importance for the urgent, white fence for the White House.



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