End options

There are not many options at the top. There are even fewer at the bottom.

Earth soon will be home to 9 billion by 2050. What do we have to do to accommodate “incoming freshmen?”. Plan, plan, plan. At planet level.

Some want wine. Others beers. But they all come to the party.

Barbecue smoke or smoke stack?

We all breathe in and breathe out.

Same stuffy air.

Green-house effect, white-house policy.

Be kind, rewind.

Be nice, recycle.

When we love something or someone, we want to make it last.

Yet, we pay lip service to the only home we know: trashing it, logging it, polluting it.

Worse yet, we look down on those who attempt to do the right thing.

(Most solar companies, EV batteries companies all got battered and bruised).

Tesla S got Motor Trend‘s Car of the Year Award, however.

But will the public give it attention or even consider buyeing the 6-figure car?

Still chasing those status symbols: the Lamborghini‘s of the world.

We are just passing through.

Earth in the balance.

Just kick the can down the road.

Leaving even fewer options for next generations.

As if when it comes to the environment, we had a lot of choices (to live in another planet). Mars colony anyone?

Yes, the task is huge. The energy crisis is enormous.

And because of those reasons, we need to tackle them together, longer term.

When we keep leaving it to others, that’s when we are at their mercy.

Here in Vietnam, people and businesses experience frequent black-outs.

Middle of the day. Go and sit in coffee houses across the street.

Tell your customers to go away. Hope they will come back. Not your fault.

What a way to do business.

Especially when the membership fees had been collected.

Not a lot of options when it comes to end options. The only thing that is in the balance is Mother Earth herself. Conserve. Less is more. The economy of well-chosen activities. Massive mobilization of the intellect and the collective will. Yes, we can.


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