Advent and Apocalypse

Parents prepare gift-wrapping and children get wish list ready for Santa.

Suicidal souls worry that this would be their last season, or else they would die by default on Dec 21 or 23 , Mayan calendar apocalypse.

What would we like to do in these short weeks?

Finish those novels to know their endings?

Send an encouraging note to a child?

Cheer up an old colleague who is looking for work?

I would pray long and hard, with sincerity. By that I mean, for about a minute.

All else devoted to pounding the pavement.

Major historical shifts always involved men and women of conviction, who acted.

Their sense of self, of destiny and of timing in lock step.

In denying self, they found it.

In going to war resisting Evil, they found peace.

In the end, they face death with dignity and sense of fulfillment.

I remember reading Jobs’ biography around this time last year.

How stirring it was.  Learning about his eccentricity and obsession about product quality.

Now everyone wants an I Phone 5.

I am sure it’s on a lot of people’s wish list.

Even with Apocalypse pending.

It’s Advent season.

Both Advent and Apocalypse draw us to our knees.

To realise there are greater things than ourselves.

And we share those hopes and fears with others.

It’s the season of sharing, of gifting. This year, of hoping we can see Dec 24th and open those wrapped gifts.


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