Thought I saw the last of it. Snow again.

The element of surprise, overused, lessened with each encore.

I saw Paul Anka the other day on PBS. He did it “his way”.

And then another encore.

Again. The audience was on their feet, not wanting to leave.

But then, everything, including good times, has to end.

There are lessons about Exit.

When you are dismissed, no miracle can turn someone whose mind has been made up.

This gave rise to the Colombo close i.e. start leaving, then bang, turn around to play dumb (w/Lt Colombo’s slanted eye): “oh, one more thing”.

Then, start again, with the Summary sales pitch.

On YouTube there was a clip entitled “Passed on”. Something similar to a digital scrapbook,

to be seen and shared after you have died. That’s an “Again”, with tag line: “Love in the Digital Age“. An E.will.

I have had the opportunity to learn a few things about my very grown bother and sister.

These are non-digital people. So they won’t be recording stuff on Passed On or anything near it.

What they do show me was my parent’s death certificates, refugee camp exit papers and life insurance policies accounts.

It’s like attending my parent’s funeral again, without the distraction of relatives and visitors.

Exit with a small “e”.

No wonder the place has a smell of decay. Buried in the snow. Closure!

On the flip side and brighter side, I have met new-born babies of the clan, seeing them all grown.

Winter and death, as set-ups for Spring and New Life.

With nature cycle, business cycle and yes, War-Peace cycle (Iraq 10 years on) I come away more  in-formed. Those who wait the cycle out will eventually see changes coming the other way. In the event one can’t hang on, digital services like Passed On can help with E.will. To be seen and heard, Again, albeit virtually and digitally. Paul Anka’s Papa would have been proud that his legacy was preserved and passed on. The footage should show “those shoes on my feet”.


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