Bachelor Party. Spring Break. Girls’ Night Out. Spousal date…and the list goes on.

One of the things foreigners found fascinating about America is its sense of enjoyment (and sometimes entitlement). We’re gonna party, Winter Spring Summer or Fall.

Time for yourself.

Look at yourself in the mirror, just to acknowledge the reflection that is there.

Say, “I appreciate you” for…..(fill-in the blank)

Staying the course when others convince you to lower your self-expectations.

Listening to the inner voice and longing to connect, which only you know intimately.

That reservoir needs to be refilled. Take a Sabbatical break.

When one appreciates oneself, one can then appreciate others.

Self-denial can only go so far. Self-appreciation, on the other hand, is like daily vitamins.

After all, out of the many people you have met, who else knows you better than yourself:

the dark night of the soul, the bliss that comes unexpectedly (but not enough, especially when you were raised in a self-denial culture).

Appreciation is a offspring of gratitude.

You are thankful for being nurtured by the larger human family e.g. those unsung heroes who tilt the land and whose products end up at WholeFoods or Fastfoods; those scientists whose work were adopted by main stream, but remain unacknowledged (in the name of National Securities) e.g. 3-D printing, un-maned aircrafts, gene sequencing.

The story of our century is not about technology, but about technology bunched up into critical mass that help advance mankind:  crowdfunding here, a micro-loan there, gifts for the poor and gifts to loved ones.

All made possible via the internet and creative apps (Kickstarter helps fund movie scripts).

Individuals are empowered to voice and to give. That sense of helplessness is taken out of the equation. No more lacking in ways, just in will.

Back to the drawing board. Back to self-appreciation. Give yourself some slacks. Only then, can we be of use to others. Man exists to rise above mere survival instincts. To appreciate one’s self and others.  That connection has to start somewhere, really close to home.

I am sure you can list top of your head a dozen positive things about yourself.

Then go out to build on top of that, as a token of appreciation to your very best self.


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