Release and Recall

Hits and misses.

We keep trying to make things work.

The revenge of the nerds. From cavemen’s times to modern times..

Simple tools to simple tech.

X Ray machines and X Rated movies.

We keep trying in face of inevitable failures.

When I was selling VoIP in its infancy stage, I fielded so many complaint calls.

I even had doubts about digitization voice (analog) calls.

What about 911 calls…..but then, nobody even thinks about VoIP calls now.

They want to download video and games,….perhaps more.

We installed machines at airports just to yank them out months later.

Things got released then recalled (Yoga pants???)

The spandex reveals too much.

But the latex and the Rolex made us money.

In the Graduate, the advice to the young man was “plastic”.

Now, perhaps it’s prosthetic. To make smart phones for us, dumb users.

Holster them, hold them and hope they will never be out of our sight.

We have ranked phones above wallets.

Can’t live without it.

When did it get there and stay there?

Permission granted? By whom?

So the race goes on for dominance and supremacy in tech and in life.

Emerging nations keep hiring low-wage workers to churn out high-margin products.

It’s in the design and in the mind of the once-called nerd. Technology and its unintended consequences.

Just build and they will come. Google watch, unmanned car and Fiber.

Install and inspect, then to find out new releases need recall.

Back to the drawing board. Back to spandex and latex.

It’s hard to know the right time for market entry: too late you lose, too early, you lose.

Built to last, then it’s too costly. Built in planned obsolescence, then you risk recall.

Chairman of the FCC is stepping down. FCC Commissioner also ended his term. Who is next? Regulation and Recall.

Techie rules…..until we have had our fill of gadgets and garbage (industrial waste) in the house and in our garage.

Can’t wait to see I-phone 6, X phone etc..Survival of the fittest, recalled as soon as they are released.


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