When reading the ABOUT tab on some web sites, I got no idea what the companies were ABOUT.

Apparently they sell some intangible services, such as Human Development, but were afraid to say so. Others would try to get out of the box they found themselves in “we are more than just a hardware company, we also provide this and that”. More.

It takes a lot to say less and get More.

The KISS rule.

I took a few inter-disciplinary courses at Penn State (Science, Technology and Society), a baseline which set me on a generalist track. And because each field in and of itself takes up one’s life-time pursuit, the intersect of these fields overwhelmed me. Keep my curiosity up and ego in check.

Even now, we are working through the implications of globalization and free trade.

And that falls under just the Society heading alone.

As for technology, I have blogged about the rise of the machine, and its implications for human life i.e. the long disconnect.

I will leave Science to the scientists who research gene sequencing and try to find the cure for dementia and cancer.

We all want more, live longer and hopefully, find meaning during those extra years (my older siblings used to read serial Kung Fu novels when young, and now, watching Korean soap series upon retirement. I guess anything “foreign” can offer them MORE values than domestic).

We can’t take anything with us when we die, just as we did not bring anything to this world when we were born.

What matters is that journey, the pursuit and camaraderie (I miss walking to school with those young friends, just chatting about anything and everything. One conversation etched in my mind: the assassination of JFK).

Forget not the  past, but then try to. Because we can’t make progress without healing, and no healing when the chip is still on our shoulders.

Dementia sometimes is a good thing for those with a painful past (that makes up for most of us).

Besides, when we forget pain of the past, we have more room for even happiness.

Like de-fragmentation function on a computer which helps conserve more space more RAM.

Winter, symbol of hibernation, is behind us. Now is time for blossoming, for MORE.

Opportunity likes to dance with those who are already on the floor. May I have that next dance!


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