Simplicity and humility

I saw on the  news that the new Pope inspires a group of high school students to reenact “feet washing“. Now, that’s refreshing (no punt intended!) to find news (besides kids shooting other kids, bullying them, DUI, Springfield groper etc…) with some positive twists.

I have read about the Jesuits, Alexandre de Rhodes in particular, who worked from a Portuguese-Vietnamese dictionary to invent modern-day Vietnamese written language (or else I still am blogging in Chinese characters). The unintended consequence of evangelization has been the speeding up of literacy adoption among the Vietnamese, away from the more complicated Chinese characters (besides the will to be independent from this imposing neighbor).

Now we learn about the Pope of the people, who lives simply and humbly.

You can’t have the cake and eat it too. Not when you want to be a role model, the embodiment of that simple Cross. On this important Sunday, though not Catholic, I feel like we are witnessing change. I hope the heavenly light would spill over and push away those dark clouds. Already we saw some positive signs in the economy, in spite of the adjusted price tag for the two wars (they have fumbled on the numbers since McNamara).

Earth in the balance. People on the move (mobile phones). And elections are held quite often (Africa, S America).

Well, not in North Korea, where our young man is not joining Christian Association to sing “YMCA.”

The Jesuits. I know my life has been indirectly influenced by them. They live selfless, simple and humble lives. For others. It’s like the three musketeers without the swords, only plowshares.

Being multi-lingual they inspire many on the path of life-long learning. When you deal with suffering (there are plenty around this side of the Recession) you are humble by it.  And in humility, you can then be an instrument and channel of common grace. No time for DUI or BMW. You take the bus, and cook your own meal. You move into Motel 6 and not the Four Seasons. There, you don’t just rest, but you continue to serve (feet washing). They will leave the lights on for you, always.

Hope that light continue to shine and illuminate pockets of illiteracy, ignorance and illegitimacy.


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