3fives (555)

Chicago‘s If you Leave Me Now is easy to listen to,but  hard to sing.

“You take away a part of me”.

Changes are necessary.

Progress and modernity.

More convenience, more amenities.

Full service.

One-stop shop.

Once we have upgraded to some fancy levels, our memory muscles kick in full gear. Gotta get back on top.

Taste of success.

Gotta to do it again.

One more time.

Meanwhile, it’s hard to say goodbye.

Even mediocrity has its values: that of security and stability.

But progress is triggered by self-disruption. A new way of doing things, of looking at life.

Stripping and dethroning.

The emperor without his clothes.

Hail to the chief, say the Yes men.

The right road often times is a lonely one.

Every generation got its victims (sacrificial lambs) and victors (Jay Lo  or Jay Leno).

In Oprah, we find both .

Well deserving.

Unquestionable success. Can’t…

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