When I read up on Relay (grocery delivery), I can’t help admiring the tenacity and tag line (Think Outside of the Bag).

After all, the article did mention bust (Webvan). Something about our shopping habit, running errand etc… despite the high gas price.

It’s a disconnect we allow ourselves to fall into: think hard at work, and let go after work (acting out of reflex and habit).

Entrepreneurs are what they are: latch on to a compelling idea, research market need and launch the company. Many failed out of the gate due to ill timing or under capitalized.

But most failed because of what’s inherent with start-ups: the tiny odds, the fleeting consumers and  the burnt rate.

I have met people with cute feedbacks like “at least, I have learned what not to do”.

Since each experience is unique, chances are the next venture will surprise us again with curve balls and hidden traps.

Are we to give up?

It’s the same question as you would ask a divorcee whether he/she will stay single. It’s in the nature of serial entrepreneurs to keep stumbling upon another opportunity, another challenge.

Guy Kawasaki had a book named The Art of the Start. That was a decade ago.

Today, he would have to rename it The Art of Re-Start. For young entrepreneurs like those at Relay or Petco.

Or those who are in Financial and Housing.

You won’t see a lot of veterans doing D2D asking business to open a checking account (they do that now a days).

But the young bankers would be eager to win customers over in the school of hard-knocks.

It’s a different business environment, where bankers walk the street and groceries delivered to your door.

It’s our Post-recession era, Post-Cold War world, and the end of History as Fukuyama coined it.

Especially at a start-up, whose partners have learned “what not to do”. This time, it’s a relay race, not 100-meters speed race. Share the pain and split the odds. Throw in some prayers too.


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