creatures of information

overburdened with Information

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“We are ‘creatures of information'”, “in the library of Babel, seeking information past and future”, says James Gleick in the Information.

We might look in hardback and paperback, print books and e-books, newspaper and news broadcast, but we are still after the information. It reminds me of a line by St Paul “though now we see through a glass darkly…”

Never enough, or soon enough, from tweets to tabloids. So we hacked into phones, into computers, even broke into hotel  and hospital, (Colson ‘s Watergate) and (Coulson’s phonegate).

Watching trial-by-jury and inquiry-by-committee.

We want to know. The tree of knowledge.

Yet we succumbed easily to “bubbles” (every five years or so).

We lock away older people behind “secure”  doors, so we can “own” our own mistakes.

Mrs Ford embodied the ERA generation, while the congress woman from Arizona, NRA‘s.

Interesting data points: Japan women soccer team won the…

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