Dilemma called Life

30+ Chinese women start protesting the label of “unwanted” goods.

Tunisian Topless Jihad set a World Religion on fire.

Men teetering on retirement seeking work and love in the wrong place.

A friend in search of affordable physical therapy and health care coverage.

Dilemma called Life.

If it’s easy and smooth, it wouldn’t be called Life.

Life is difficult.

Just as we thought we got it well handled, it slips out of our control.

A Russian astronaut ended up traveling outside of Earth orbit, to never return to Mother Russia.

A death uninvited and unforeseen.

This morning, I saw people rushing to get their turn at  a public hospital. They did not look like they were in need of examination at all.

I have lived and learned as much as I could about life itself.

My findings and takeaways are:

– you can’t win all

– you should choose your battle, but often times, it chooses you

– while you are thinking about life, life goes on regardless of your opinion

– we flow in the fourth dimension (Time), while everyone thinks travel from place to place (3 dimensional world) is big deal

– we can learn in an instant what takes years to grasp

– people who like us will always like us. People who don’t, won’t no matter what we do to try to “earn” their trust and like

– it all boils down to passages or phases (growth, discovery, regret, decline)

– love yourself.

I have put down almost 1,000 blogs. And I think by now, I begin to see a pattern: there is stuff hidden from view. And unless we force it to come out, it will play hide and seek, influence our sentiment and decision.

Rely not on externalities and seek not approval.

Try to understand rather be understood.

I begin to see, to feel, and hopefully understand.

Why women over 30 have to fight multiple battles in China and Vietnam.

Why Tunisian young girl wants to take off her clothes and in doing so gets herself a death warrant (Rushdie of the 21st century).

And why Life itself can only be understood viewing backward.

If only had I been told that Life itself is a dilemma, not a direct line.


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