Always exiled

Some make a career out of an event (memorial etc…). Others completely blocke it out to cope with new realities. I am in between. I know the elephant is in the room. I can use it as backdrop for my Facebook photo. Or I can go on pretending it isn’t there.

Like tomorrow, here in Saigon, where a parade takes place on Main Street.

Many people simply skip town, to the beach or up to the Highland, where it’s cool.

The past belongs to a bygone era. Let sleeping dog lie.

Everyone is coping with private and public debt (to the Saudi and the Chinese). If only we weren’t addicted to oil and I-phones.

Those who had stayed put still got bits and pieces of information from those who travel back and forth (outside of the village).

They accumulate and exchange data, so as to conjecture and conform to their prejudice and preferences e.g. the West is best, or is worst.

I just remember leaving my guitar and other stuff behind while on the run years ago. Now, the process is in reverse. In between, I store up stuff in my little brain, connecting the dots, and learn to see things from various angles.

I don’t miss Costco nation that much. Throughout my 1,000 blogs, I have alluded to various strengths and weaknesses of Vietnam vs US.

Both happened to bear the burden of this Recession in various degrees.

Those, out of work more than 6 months, are treated like lost astronauts, never to return.

Many started their own businesses. Reinvent themselves. Bravo!

Others are still living in denial.

The Elephant is not in the room.

We are growing, aren’t we! But who reaps the benefits?

It used to benefit everyone (the tax refund, once in my lifetime).

Now, Facebook CEO volunteers to join the $1.00 salary club.

T-shirt nation.

We cannot have a civilization of dog-eat-dog. It’s a contradiction in terms.

I am not advocating Utopia. Just Kickstarter and the likes.

Micro-lending, micro helping.

From the ground up, from the heart out.

We still have good people, with good intention and great technology to make things happen.

Here in Vietnam, I hear stories that lift my spirits, of maimed people who rise up, be independent and successful. It’s intrinsic, and inside of you.

As we move along this vector called Time, and there is less of it each day, let’s be mindful and remind each other that our best day is yet behind us.

In whatever shape and condition we are in. Exile is not forever. it’s just a temporal state, waiting for the eternal. That’s why we are restless, not because of the caffeine, but because it’s built-in. It’s called Nature. It’s called Destiny. It’s our essence, lies deep inside each of us. Our brand.

You are so beautiful, no matter where you are, and where you are going. Place is irrelevant. Time is. And there isn’t much of it as it used to be. I carry less outside, because of the things I carry inside.

Judge not a man by the pounds of his baggage, Costco nation!

Instead, acknowledge and deal with the heavier creature in the room, our proverbial Elephant. It won’t go away, until together we force it out.


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