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Vietnamese has a saying “Tha Phuong Cau Thuc” which means, go any distance for a job. I did that a few years back, with English Teaching certification in Hanoi, and real classroom hours in the South. On the way back to the US, I ran into some young Vietnamese in transit airport, presumably on their way out of the country, part of the in-shored crowd we now see on television scrambling to get out of Libya (at the time, I was puzzled at seeing Istanbul destination in a Korean airport).

They were a part of the trend that exported labors from Pakistan, Philippines, India, China and Vietnam to Oil countries. Meanwhile, the Arab streets saw their young people shut out of high-paying jobs e.g. resort and tourist spots.

Had young people from Vietnam just waited, they could have gotten further training to qualify for jobs that will eventually come their way i.e…

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