Never let go

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14 Vietnamese women were found and freed from Baby101, a Taiwanese outfit operated outside of the law in Thailand.

They were paid to be surrogate mothers (artificial insemination or otherwise), whose future babies would be put up for adoption.

Baby, never let me go.

Newsweek has a piece about, an organization which seeks to organize “kids who are not all right” and demand access to their records.

In “Never Let Me Go” Ishiguro explores the “human side” of clones (children who are brought up to stay healthy and to eventually become organ donors).

“We ‘let you study arts’ just to see if you had any soul at all”, says the head mistress . It’s “the Island” 2.0.

I realize the technology (for cloning and artificial insemination) is there.

And that once we let the tiger out of the cage, there is no turning back.

Still, I…

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