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It’s been a while since The Right Stuff was released. Gabby’s husband (Mark Kelly) was going back on the last Endeavor mission. The President referred to our Sputnik moment , and how we should move Science Fair under the Super (Bowl) dome. All this reminds me of a piece of moon rock on display by USAID in Saigon back in 1969.

At least, it dispelled the myth for me that once you stepped on the Moon, you can’t come back (Vietnamese folklore). In “burning flesh, jasmine smell”, I blogged about the burning monk. I went and saw his charred heart on display as well. Curious George!

Saigon. War time. Oh Suzie Q. President Johnson was quoted as saying “I left the woman I really loved (the Great Society) for that bitch of war on the other side of the world” (Grand Expectations pg. 597-98). Everybody’s attention was diverted.


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