Perpetual obsolescence

3fives (555)

After Moore’s Law came Android’s Law (open-source software allows for faster deploy of smart phone apps – between six to nine months).

Smart phone turns dumb phone pretty quick.

(conversely, studies showed a steady rise of IQ as digital natives  spent more time playing games).

I call this “smart and smarter” generation.

We are inundated with more information in one year than the entire life of a Medieval person. (During the Reformation, Luther even had the time to nail 95 theses on the Church’s door. If it were now, all he has to do is “wikileak” it).

A MIT scientist even proposed a not-so-smart computer so it can process information faster (just guesstimate and not calculate).

If and when that comes about, we will have a perpetual Beta of both soft and hardware much like when VoIP was first experimented (we had to fill in the auditory “gaps”, since…

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