Marketing genius

3fives (555)

Charlie Chaplin would keep filming until he got it perfect (100:1 filming ratio to get the ladder to swing just right etc…).

In “the Kid“, the little girl would throw rocks at windows, while our handyman walks right behind to fix them.

Gillette would give away razors just to sell the blades (HP has done the same with its ink).

Levis would sell jeans during the Gold Rush, along with those who profited by selling picks and pickaxes.

Sony founder had his reps wear bigger shirt pockets to fit his “portable” radios (showmanship par excellence).

Hyundai founder tried his hands at the Pony, while Detroit was busy with its Pinto.

Pepsi had its “taste test” with blindfolded customers, while Wendy used little old lady for “where is the beef” campaign.

Barnes and Nobles followed Moses down the mountain, saying “let my people read” (beyond the tablets).

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