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The creator of Million-Dollar Homepage cashed out, and did nothing for five years.

I have waited for the other shoe to drop. It just did. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes.

The high school graduate does put his thinking cap on every so often, and knows how to create buzz.

He either sells ad dots (as opposed to ad banners), or do nothing.

Still he needs to reach us, this time, via Comcast or Time Warner (conduit).

The pipe owners just lay cable while others hold the Master Switch i.e. providing content as well. So they risked everything, first through a disastrous merger with AOL, and of late, with NBC (I like the forced PSA on Missing Child Report.)

So, the current $99 (or less) Triple Play promotion (envisioned a decade ago after the Telecommunications Act of 1996) locks in a healthy base.

On the Web front, we…

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