My Cuore

If you look, you shall find. In my case, that little book by Edmondo de Amicis, translated of course.

It made an indelible impression on my little mind and heart. Years later, it still does. That is, after I have come in full circle, have travelled and traversed the geography of the heart. That “diary” genre though fictional, is more potent than Ann Frank‘s. To read it, you put on an Italian shoes of a school boy.

Bully, respect for others, compassion and empathy. Even patriotism (not trendy today).

To set this book, and its content, against the backdrop of school shooting, let’s say in Newtown, CT, or failed attempts else where, is to contrast night and day.

I went to French school. So this translated version must be one of those first Vietnamese books I read, besides Adventure of Tin Tin and The Three Musketeers.

In Cuore, you have enormous respect for the teaching vocation, and how it does take a village to bring up a boy. In our Facebook dominion, I am not sure how old values can fan out in cyber space. Do we bring old clothes to a poor classmate? Visit an old teacher (friending him?)

Subliminally, those values have triggered my many humanitarian action.

Now I trace back to its source, My cuore. Not the Italian heart, but  the human heart. It is translated into many languages, many outside the US. Perhaps it wouldn’t “sell” there. Not in the land of xtreme sports, female wrestling and lately, imported “girl with the Dragon tatoo”.

I rebloggd yesterday on Small is Still Beautiful. It was an old book from college. Today,  Cuore, an old book from Middle School. Both are still unpopular, yet both are still influential, to me. I hope you will at least wiki them, see what they have to say. The first book was Economics as if people matter. The second, we live among, with and for others. It is apt to coin the term Global Village, since we all go to school, get online and go home at the end of the day on Spaceship Earth. What if it is damaged, attacked or invaded?

We have enough resources, technologically, to solve human problems.

Now, do we have the courage and cuore to ennoble ourselves with bold action!


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