Keeping up the cool

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If you watched John Lennon’s Imagine BBC documentary, you would notice George Harrison back then, and his son (as seen in a Memorial concert for George) look like twins.

Next generation is here.

Yes, they text and play games online. They are the greatest multi-taskers, whose watchwords are recycling, bicycling, car sharing.

Next generation don’t just travel to India to learn the sitar (like George). They go there to earn a degree and get their first jobs. Or go back to Mom’s couch (educational mountain debt). They are empirical (sorting out all the relevant facts).

Census 2010 indicated that new comers, foreign students included, stop coming to the US (the slowest since the Great Depression) much less staying (Fareed of TIME is an exception). Obviously something is missing here.

Time for clarity and conviction. Regressive test scores, run-away deficit and reduced international appeal. Those are not descriptive of modern-day…

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