The Bond elements

3fives (555)

I like Bond, James Bond.

Unlike Batman, Bond shows his face, grace under pressure and yes, his penchant for “work hard play hard”. But don’t ever doubt his loyalty and commitment to serve the Queen.

The franchise still commands a huge audience with formula that works: Bond got a mission, Bond got captured, and finally Bond (good) triumphs over the force of Evil.

Even in his worst day (often in captivity), he manages to carry himself with dignity.

Throughout the heated exchange, we can still detect the mutual respect one enemy has for the other, since they are both cut out of the same cloth (sometime with the same training if it’s a mold).

In this multi-polar world, the makers of the Bond series are scratching their heads to fit the square Cold-War stick into today’s round hole.

We got the tech nerd, the unflinching boss, the…

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