Vantage point

3fives (555)

The cut-aways (filmed after the interviewed subject had left), the backstage steady cam sneak peeks, the studio bird-eye-view shot showing anchors walk away from the set while credits roll and music fade out….

We are a society privileged with multiple vantage points , given us the illusion of omnipresence. When film and television cameras were fighting for dominance, little did they know that the disruptive element came much later. Now we got I-pad camera ,

traffic camera, security camera, webcam and robotic camera that assists in prostate surgery.

When TV producers mention the word “camera”, they meant the studio camera that stands still, with white balance and lighting all set (the mark). CNN started with night-vision coverage of the first Iraq war, thus setting the stage for the likes of jitter images, but live nonetheless.

From today’s vantage point we can look back (like TIME and Life) to images…

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