All about finishing!

3fives (555)

How would you like to keep up at third place, just to have your legs give in at the last-minute? That’s what happened to SF track star, who managed to crawl to the finishing line.

In the late 70’s, it’s all about running. Then we learned more about knee injuries. So we took up aerobics (complete with sweat bands and outer underwear). Now, it’s home gym, home office and home theater. When I grew up, the only thing I knew was homework. The rest was done outside of the house. Talking about in-sourcing.

On a more sober note. USA Today has an expose on “downshift” trends i.e. under-employment or stay-at-home Dad (9.8-15% if counted those who gave up looking).

What have you done lately?

Complementing my skill set with community college classes? Learning how to text, talk and chew gum?

Reading “An Inconvenient Truth“?

My parents were…

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