half-life happiness

3fives (555)

The concept of half-life (radioactive) , if could be applied to soft sciences e.g. happiness, can go on to infinity.

In today’s term, it’s called austerity: scaled-down cars, DVD nights, and local trips.

During the Clinton years, we had a good run. The Japanese had theirs in the 80’s.

Now, it’s the Pacific Century.

Chinese students are enrolling in the States. As of this edit, President Obama and President Xi are having a summit.

(US News and World Reports should be of great resource to these folks who love to shop for brand-name degrees).

I am sure foreign students on American campuses will see all sorts of eye-popping scenes, such as at football games, or frat parties.

Had they been here during the late 60’s, they would have seen much more.

Then, comes senior-panic when recruiters are on campus to whisk away promising young stars (Google remains the number-one…

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