Free flow of fund

3fives (555)

First, with satellite uplink, we experienced reverse information flow in the 90’s.

Then the Internet, with Information without borders  e.g. tweeting from Iran post-election .

There has been some experiment with online funding (P2P micro lending), mashing new concept from India

with the beauty of the Web (disintermediation). Kiva helps fund village entrepreneurs, while Kickstarter is the online Sundance Institute (e funding for arts/film start-ups).

I can’t see why kids cannot sell cookies online to raise money for school, or Trick-or-Treat online .

The digital natives will see no bound. Obviously, they were born and are growing up with “surround sound” and Cloud.

To them, uploading means sharing something personal without the World Wide Wait  dial-up speed.

It’s not just broadband. It’s their mentality, as Steve Johnson puts it in his latest book

(see NYT article today on history of innovation) which resides in the fourth quadrant…

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