People w/ Purpose

When I read about a young girl who designed flip-flops and got picked up by Macy’s, I thought that was awesome.

My daughter thought the girl in White House Down was also.

Built-in and born with. That recognition of greatness, valor and something grander than one’s self.

We might not end up being one, but we can recognize it when we see it.


United Flight 93 passengers had not thought of themselves as heroes or martyrs.

But they have become in our history book.

People with purpose.

Not cogs in the machine.

But inventors of one.

The market is the most democratic place. People vote with their own pocket-book.

Those who don’t make it pass the Valley of Death, won’t be around.

Survival of the fittest.

ROI. COD. Billions of transaction daily.

See that need, pin it down. Think up a solution. Implement and Evaluate.

Out of the gene pool emerge People with Purpose.

Design a flip flop (after all, in the summer or in Asia, they are shoes).

Flag twirling? An extra curriculum? Use it when needed.

The inventor of the mouse (for computer program which was called CAT) has died.

He saw the coming of the computer age.

Jobs also. Sitting in a minimalist room, or even laying down, he came up with the I-Pad, a tweak of Notebook which HP had flopped and could never play catch up.

The purpose-driven life has a short span. It takes you into the zone, the Kairos, as opposed to Chronos, which inmates know damn well.

When was the last time you pick up a good book, and immerse yourself in it? Its narrative, plot and twist, laughter and sorrow.

Writers invent a world of their own.

With a purpose.

Raymond Carver observed the absurdity and agony of our modern age, albeit in sleepy NorthWest.

His short life did not seem to be a waste (spending away his Chronos jumping from one odd job to another, just to create and give us a chance to enter into his Kairos).

Where do I begin, to tell the story of ….People of Purpose.

You find greatness everyday. You just miss it.

Greatness doesn’t scream from the distance for attention.

It is hidden like in an acre of diamond.

Hidden jewel.

Awaiting discovery.

In most the unlikely place.

Like right here, right now.

And when found, it will get us to jump out of our seats. To follow its light. To be changed and be that force of change.

I like that little girl who designs flip-flops. Her age doesn’t come as a hindrance. It makes news.


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