Thank you Note

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We don’t thank people enough. That’s a fact.

Bride and groom leave those thank-you notes at the door even pictures taken earlier in the banquet.

Efficiency over gratitude.

Sales people are advised to send Thank-you cards to get referrals.

For job candidates, it’s a must.

But what about situations other than wedding, sales referral request and job search?

Even quick notes on our mobile phones have “thank you”  pretyped.

Some people even say “You’re welcome” to remind us of the art of gratitude.

I guess the age of entitlement has overshadowed our sense of gratitude.

We deal with Third-Party, with institutions instead of individuals.

If we owed someone money, we would be more inclined to say Thank You.

Credit card companies, on the other hand, acted in the way that makes it hard for us to send them a Thank-you Note.

(in Now You See Me, the magicians…

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